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Our Story

In a land far, far away – India, to be precise – my mother had just heard she was going to become a grandmother. She did what any to-be-granny would do. She bought her tickets, packed her bags, and flew down to be with her daughter.

And she brought the soft muslin blankets she had swaddled her daughter with when she was born so many years ago. Rather she brought with her a tradition... a tradition of swaddling that has been part of not only Indian culture but also many other cultures around the world, passed on from generations.



When my beautiful bonnie baby was born two years ago, I was reborn, as a mom. In my journey to nurture my baby, I found a new friend in the muslin swaddle blankets my mom had brought.

I wanted all newbie and seasoned moms to find the same happiness I found with muslin - and that's how Aura Weavers was born.

I believe swaddling is an art. Just like a painting is imperfect without the right colors, swaddling is ineffective without the right fabric.

The special weave of the Aura Weavers muslin blanket has a natural stretch perfect for a cozy swaddle.The muslin keeps a child warm during cool weather and cool during warm weather. The soft weave of muslin, the purest form of cotton, soothes and calms, creating an aura of happiness for your baby.


I worked in the corporate accounting world for ten years before giving up my high-profile job to spend time with my bundle of joy. From the beginning, I swaddled my son using muslin blankets. Not just I, but all my friends were amazed to see how he slept through the night swaddled cozily in his favorite blanket from when he was barely two months old. 

The love and passion I have invested over the last two years is Aura Weavers. Our muslin blankets are the most breathable and stretchable, in cute and chic colors, tested by friends, nurses and doulas.

Auraweavers is the result of bringing together the tradition of swaddling, finest muslin fabric and stylish prints. A well rested baby keeps mommy happy and stress-free. But it’s also important for the baby’s development. As a new mother, it’s your turn now – to give your baby the perfect swaddle – with Aura Weavers.

Aura Weavers - Shilpi Desai


                                                                                        With love and care,            

                                                                                                 - Shilpi Desai

                                                                          Mom, CEO - Aura Weavers